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The Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis)

If you have noticed that yours Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) is losing leafs and is covered in webbing, there is great probability that it was attacked by the Box Tree Moth. This invasive alien species originates from Asia (China, Japan and Korea) and in Europe it was first recorded in Germany in 2006. The Box Tree […]

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The Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis). Photo: SINP Archives



Although the control and the reduction of influence of invasive species on the native species as well as ecosystems present one of the greatest challenges in nature conservation in Europe, up until now, the problem has not yet been sufficiently recognised by the public. For that reason the State Institute for Nature Protection has decided to start this web site. The purpose of the web site is to give information on invasive species, the overview of the legislation and the recommendations for responsible behaviour and the prevention of introduction of foreign invasive species in one place.

Although the purpose of the web site is mainly informational and educational, the plan is for it to present the base for an early sighting system as well as swift removal and control of further expansion of introduced species. The web site provides an interactive application for reporting a finding of invasive species, and will be linked to the Informational System for Nature Protection, what will allow an interactive overview of the information on invasive species from that base.

In case you have any comments to the content of the page or you need more information contact us at vrste@dzzp.hr with the note “Invasive species”.

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